Seed list 2017

I’ve just posted my list of seeds collected in 2017. Ones that might be of particular interest this year include various crosses between Daubenton’s perennial kale and some of my favourite annual kales, a particuarly nice wild-collected raspberry that I have named ‘Sunset’, and a fabulously varied runner bean grex. Like last year, I’m offering the seeds on a gift economy basis, for swap, donation or pay-it-forward.


4 thoughts on “Seed list 2017

  1. Hi Alan,

    I would love every seed you have for donation please!

    ps my daubentons kale has grown into a monster and I have been sending cuttings to friends, let me know if you have anyone I can send to!

    All the best,


    • Hi Brooke. I’ll make up a parcel for you. Glad to hear your Daubenton’s is doing well. Mine is looking a bit sorry for itself after a winter of freeze-thaw, but some of its descendants are proving even more monstrous than the original!

  2. hello.

    hope you are well, I would very much like to try some of your kale crosses as i tried so hard to induce flowering in my kale but to no end.

    what kind of seeds would you like to swap ? not that i have much in the tin this year.

    Many thanks


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