Click here to email (will open your email program) or email dalancarter at yahoo dot co dot united kingdom.

Phone: 01224 276810

Write to: 1d Powis Circle, Aberdeen AB24 3YT

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thank you for this excellent blog. What a wonderful amount of info, very inspiring. Would it be possible to visit you, maybe spring next year?

  2. Love your blogs, loads of great stuff and well written. I came here via Brigit Strawbridge on facebook. Thanks.

  3. hello! we’re a portuguese family living in Rosehearty, and just found your blog, looking for a list of edible floewrs in Scotland… thank you so much for sharing your work and knowledge, it has been of great help! al the best, kind regards!

  4. Hello Alan, congratulations on your wonderful site. I was prompted to visit by Carrie, a fellow plotter at GFAA. I’d like to add a link to your site from our Allotment Association’s website. I hope this is OK: please let me know if you have any objections. Norman

  5. I heard you on the wireless the other day.and no sooner had you said “edible Hostas” I did a google search and first hit took me right to your very interesting blog just as you were giving the URL. I’m trying to put my garden over to mainly perennial edibles because I’m quite lazy and frankly nature makes a better job of growing than me. The more I annoy my neighbour with his flat green fertiliser-drugged lawn in his attempts to make his trees perfect lollipops and his garden a wildlife-free zone the better. I’m in Aberdeen and hope to buy some seeds and bulbs off you.

  6. Hello there, Have much enjoyed your knowledgeable blog which I recently stumbled across when researching for a piece I’m writing called “Eat Your Enemies”. One of my ‘enemies’ is a wonderful perennial edible called purslane. It’s endemic in some parts but prefers to grow in sandy soil in hot dry conditions so may not be a Scottish thing though you can grow it in a container. I can highly recommend it for its eating qualities. See for a short account.

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