Forest garden seeds

This is the current list of seeds that I have. They are made available on a gift economy basis: there are no prices but if you request some I ask you to either swap, donate or pay it forward. Please send requests to

I can guarantee that all seed is from my own garden (unless otherwise noted) and was picked in the year indicated. The rest is up to you. Many forest garden seeds need stratification or other special treatments. Sometimes this is noted in the appropriate article on this website. Alternatively the Plants for a Future database has propagation notes for almost everything on the list.

‘AB’ refers to any line of deliberately varied origins which I have been saving for a number of years.
In general I have (sometimes very) small amounts of each seed. A ‘+’ means that I have a lot of a seed.
Seeds labelled BIG cost me more to send as they are too big for UK letter size.
All seeds are open pollinated.

Harvested 2016
Allium altissimum ‘Giganteum’
Allium fistulosum
Allium schoenoprasum – chives, robust variety
Allium senescens
Allium wallichii
Apium graveolens secalinum – leaf celery ‘red stem’
Apium graveolens secalinum – leaf celery ‘Parcel’
Apium graveolens secalinum – leaf celery ‘kintsai’
Beta vulgaris – leaf beet – AB +
Brassica oleracea – white sprouting broccoli AB
Bunias orientalis – Turkish rocket AB
Chaerophyllum bulbosum – turnip-rooted chervil AB
Eruca sativa – rocket – AB
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus – yellow day lily
Hosta – large, blue/green-leaved, pos. ‘Big Daddy’
Myrrhis odorata – sweet cicely hairless variety BIG
Pastinaca sativa – parsnip AB
Petroselinum crispum – parsley – flat-leaved
Rubus phoenicolasius – Japanese wineberry +
Sium sisarum – skirret
Smyrnium olusatrum – alexanders – BIG
Vicia faba – broad bean – marbled – BIG
Vicia faba – broad bean ‘Karmazyn’ – purple – BIG
Vicia faba – broad bean ‘Crimson flowered’ – BIG
Vicia faba – broad bean ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ – BIG
Vicia faba – broad bean ‘Super Aquadulce’ – BIG

Harvested 2015
Allium altissimum ‘Giganteum’
Arctium lappa – burdock ‘Takinogawa’ +
Asphodeline lutea – king’s spear – BIG
Brassica oleracea – Daubenton’s grex – variegated, non-perennial parent
Brassica oleracea – Daubenton’s grex – tender-leaved, non-perennial parent
Bunias orientalis – Turkish rocket
Calendula officinalis – pot marigold AB
Decaisnea fargesii – blue sausage fruit
Fragaria vesca – alpine strawberry AB
Raphanus sativus ‘Mooli’
Rheum australe – Himalayan rhubarb
Tragopogon porrifolius – salsify AB

Harvested 2014
Campanula persicifolia
Campanula persicifolia – white
Brassica oleracea – kale ‘Pentland Brig’
Eruca sativa – rocket
Fragaria vesca ‘Blanc Ameloire’
Phaseolus coccineus – runner bean – AB BIG +

Harvested 2013
Brassica oleracea – kale ‘Pentland Brig’
Leycesteria formosa – treacle tree, himalayan honeysuckle